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Müller Graff
Engineered Wood Flooring

At Müller Graff, we pride ourselves on our unequaled expertise in stylish and quality engineered hardwood flooring made in Europe. With their 150-year pedigree, our flooring is timeless, elegant, and durable. From Boston to Madrid, Dallas to London, Müller Graff hardwood flooring enhances homes, offices, and commercial spaces in 55 countries. Millions of people walk on our floors every day, trusting the strength, comfort and beauty of our stunning flooring collections.

Our new engineered hardwood floor collections are quick and easy to install using the Välinge 5G locking system. This system is tried and tested to ensure that our floors are robust enough to always look and feel great, even in the most demanding environments. You will be amazed by the simplicity of the installation process and the immediate transformation of your floors. 

100% WOOD


Single plank floor with a chilly shade of lemon sorbet. A modern and courageous form coated with white, matt lacquer. The edges are brought out by subtle micro-bevelling which optically elongates the shape of the boards. The natural wood structure was exposed in the brushing process, and the moderate range of natural wood features adds a decorative touch
to the floor.

muller background003.jpg

Hardwood Floors for Life

An engineered hardwood floor brings charm style and elegance to any room.
Investing in a stunning, timeless hardwood floor can add value to your property and makes a spectacular statement about your good taste.
Installing a Müller Graff floor is one of the simplest and most cost-effective improvements you can make to your home.
With simple maintenance and upkeep, your new hardwood floor
will last for years.


Lavigne Oak is a 207mm(8") wide single plank board in a delicate ash shade with visible wood features. The four side micro-chamfer gives the floor a slender appearance. Brushed, matt lacquered.

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