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Lyon Hills_Lavigne.jpg



100% Wood

Flooring is made of 100% real wood of the highest quality. We use 100% of this precious material.
The sawdudt remaining after production is used to make heating pellets and fireplace briquettes.
The bark is used in gardening.


Stable Construction
The thickness of each layer of the Mullergaff flooring is not accidental. It is the result of many years of experience, hundreds of hours of research and test  of the natural wood properties.
Our expert knowledge has enabled us to develop a floor with an ideal construction to reduce the natural tensions of the material.


Underfloor Heating
Not every wooden floor is suitable for underfloor heating. Thanks to its layered structure, the mullergraff flooring perfectly conducts heat and can be successfully applied on both electric and water underfloor heating as well as on a water underfloor cooling system.


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